Encourage men’s participation in HIV/AIDS issues, mobilization of men,education on passion killings. It is a support group that was formerly formed by the government of Botswana but now wants to register as an NGO which focuses issues of men. It is made up of men from communities in and around Maun

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Additional Details

  • Postal Address:NONE
  • A brief overview of past and current projects:Football HIV/AIDS Testing Tournament;- six football teams from in and outside Maun where competing in a tournament. They were each given small trophies for encouraging their members to do HIV/AIDS Testing and counselling during the tournament. A big trophy was won and given to the team with higher number of men who tested. 175 people were tested during the during and 150 were men. This was done in collaboration with different stakeholders such as Tebelopele and Ministry of Health who provided HIV/AIDS Testing and counselling Community outreach;- food and clothing hampers were provided to 1 elderly man in Maun Psycho-social counselling services are provided, where men talk to each about violence against men issues in homes and being denied sexual rights in marriages Community Mobilization of men; going around Maun Mobilizing men to join the support group and raising awareness about the need of men standing together They meet on quarterly basis on Mondays.
  • Board membership:Chairperson- Mr Gaanowe, Vice Chairperson- Mr Kelebeng, Treasurer- Mr Samaphogisa
  • Place of operation:Maun
  • District:Ngamiland
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